Monday, July 20, 2009

~How To Oxidize Sterling Silver Using An Egg~

I was recently asked how to use an egg to ozidize sterling silver and I thought I would post my method here so that anyone who is interested has an opportunity to read it!

Okay, here goes for using an egg to oxidize...

First you will need well, an egg! Plus a small pot with a lid to boil it in, water, a butter knife,tongs or a large slotted spoon, some sort of oven mitt that isn't too bulky and a freezer type zip lock baggie. There are other incidental things you may want to use but let's get started... :)

Place the egg in the pot with enough cool water to cover it by about an inch or so on the stove and boil it, watch closely!...burnt eggs are gross! When the yolk (this is where we will get our sulfur fumes) is very cooked and solid, usually about 5 minutes longer than you would hard cook an egg to eat, you are ready for the next step...

Have your zip baggie open with your jewelry piece in the bottom!

When the egg is done turn off the flame, remove it from the pot with the tongs/spoon and replace the lid to hold in the heat, this is a heat process so save your heat!

Crack the egg in half with the butter knife and using the mitts squeeze the yolk (remember it needs to be very hard cooked) into the baggie, remove the excess air quickly and zip the baggie. Place it back in the pot with the lid and watch for the oxidizing to take place! Now we wait for the water to cool some but not become cold...tick tock!

Watch to see how dark your piece is becoming. One egg will normally be enough to oxidize a ring, pair of earrings or a small to medium sized all depends on the silver content of the piece. If your piece appears dark enough remove it and polish the "high" spots back to a brighter silver color. If it didn't become very dark remove the baggie, re-simmer your water and pop the baggie back in after removing the pot from the flame...tick, tock again!

This is to some degree trial and error but really a simlpe process !


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